In dire DIRE need of help > FWX files


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These files have just landed at my feet with instructions to amend them > they're fwx files.

Not worked with 'em before. I only need to alter html markup within the fwx files but cannot even open the darn things without getting a tonne of gobbledygook (like they've been encoded but I jolly well hope not cause we've paid for 'em).

Can someone please point out where I am being thick here please?



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gk141054 said:
Thanks for that - been there already though! This was my first port of call - when I open these files I'm getting a lot of mess.

Leading me to two trains of thought:
1. I'm doing something really bleedin thick
2. Been encoded (cause further support services for customisation cost a fortune and suppliers updating their own files would be a sin).