Internet/ipad Connection help


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I'm having a bit of bother with my i pad and phone.

I've always been able to use phone and i pad anywhere in the house for internet but up until yesterday I could only use the phone and i pad if I was standing directly in front of the router.

Today I can't use the phone or i pad at all in the house. The wifi symbol is showing in the corner of the screen and I can use the main computer.
For example, if i try to go on to the forum on my iPad it says "safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding" even though I can use the main computer and have internet there.

Also on the TV, with sky on demand it says "you have no internet connection".

I"m confused, because obviously I do have an internet connection in the house but it's not connecting to the tv, phone or iPad.

Actually while I was typing the above my phone just received 2 e mails but those e mails haven't come through on the iPad.

Any ideas what could be wrong?
It could be worse because my internet goes off every time it rains, now thats a pain dont you agree ;p x