It's a Mystery.


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Forgive me if I'm starting what may be a pointless thread. But some things continue to baffle me (and it's getting worse with age ... :heyhey:)

I'm going to start it by asking some questions that give rise to the thread title:

Why is it that opening a card board box these days is like solving a 25 a side Rubik Cube .. ? :mystery:

When are web page builders going to realise than smothering them with pop ups and ads just makes you close down the tab before you even start reading ..? :mystery:

Why is it that I'm starting this thread on a Bank Holiday weekend .. ? :mystery: (Although I can offer an answer on this one, my body clock is all shot to shit again and I'm turning in and getting up with the Sun. Am I solar powered ? )

If you have any mysteries, go for it.

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Got a parcel delivered today. Strong cardboard with the usual enigma encoded opening method. But to top that they'd put a gazillion feet of heavy duty plastic tape wrapped around multiple times making it harder to get into than a Chubb safe ...

WTF ??? :mad::mad:

Why ? :mystery:


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From now on, since I will live in a stately home, I wish to be addressed as M'lud. :P