Judge & Jury, Stafford.

Tumble weed

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Pool table arrives next week, it's ok inside, beer taste good on tap, no complaints from the wine either. It is a bit of a work in progress, it's a soft launch atm.

They have made an entry to the hotel at the back which is at the right side of the bar, and there is a reception, again sharing the bar which should increase trade in these difficult times.

In all, glad the building is being used again .

If anyone has any pictures etc of how it used to look like as a bar and as an education office they'd love it if you took them in as the current management are after ideas of things to do with the decor.

The council weren't aware of some of the alterations done to the building previously, but have accepted it as is , at it'd be unfair on the new owners to undo what the previous occupiers did.


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I booked an after work table for a group of us a few weeks ago, I couldn't make it in the end, but my colleagues where still there 5 hours later having a grand old time so my guess would be it's a hit!


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We went in there for the England v Scotland game.

Absolutely superb, Staff were brilliant and the drinks were very reasonably priced. £5.75 for a pint of Heineken & a G&T.

Pizza's weren't too bad either, even though they were clearly bought in frozen and heated up....mine was still a little cold :D

Definitely would go again


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I've not been here yet, I was going to go tonight but I opted for the BiH instead. Will hopefully check it out on Saturday.

Saturday is going to be messy....


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Has this placed now closed down?

It was closed yesterday at about 5pm and last Friday evening. Haven't been into town between those times so no idea if its been open.


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According to their Fcaebook page on 13 July "Due to a recent case of Covid-19, The Judge and Jury is closed for a deep clean until Tuesday 20th July." the closure has since been extended twice, first to the 24th July, then to the 3rd August.