Kingsmead Car Park - Aldi / B&M.


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Hello everyone. Wasn't sure if appropriate to hijack the Stafford parking thread, but has anyone on here had any fun and games with overstaying at the Aldi car park just off the A34? We made the mistake of assuming that there were off-peak concessions, and now our free parking is proving somewhat more expensive...

Wondered what people's experiences with the friendly parking operators were if so?


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I’ve heard that quite a few people have been caught out with this and fined.

Several evening theatres goers have assumed that parking is free and have learned their lesson the hard way.

I’ve also known a few that have overstayed the two hours and been issued with a ticket.

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Wardens have also been on the rounds around Couture late at night / early morning, ticketing cars around 1:30 in the morning.


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I had spotted that in the past & assumed I was misreading the restriction. Any idea what the logic behind it might be?

Maybe SCC are looking out for our health by making it extra tricky to collect a takeaway.
I imagine that it's to avoid car doors being banged all through the early hours opposite the houses.


don't mention the blinds

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I see & thanks for that.
Thought at first it was yet another Costa sprouting out of the cracks in the pavement.


don't mention the blinds
My understanding is that the burger emporium is delivered in kit-form to be bolted together, connected to services, switched on then commence trading 24/7......


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Anyone else noticed that it seems the drive thru order lanes are at the Queensway junction end, with pretty much no room left if things back up by a couple cars? Doesn’t look right to me but probably need another close look.