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Steve started this company up and invented, patented and developed his games. With a major Canadian company taking in a license to mass produce the games, he still promotes and sells his games and other gadgets through shows and his website.

Check out the website for items and games.

All the games available are listed on the cart.
Free 2nd class Signed postage on all UK purchases.
2pm cut off time for same day dispatch Mon-Fri.

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There is now also a Librium game at Slater’s Stafford to try out every Monday night at their games night.

gilbert grape

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Moving into a third month, partnering Librium Games, I thought it was time for a further overview.
Steve set up his company after inventing and registering the design of his Librium game.

"The game originally came about by playing with obsolete video encryption cards and an ID slot punch.
A basic game was produced using three cards as a base.
The next step came with the introduction of the PRO pendulum base which increased the dynamics of the game making it perfect for a competition environment. This did present some logistical issues with a heavy cast iron base and a metre long suspension wire… not good for postage!
The biggest step came with the introduction of the Tripod base which improved playable aspect of the basic game by raising the structure allowing longer card runs.
The PRO2 was reborn when the heavy base was replaced with a table clamp and the hanger wire was replaced with a two part structure making the whole game very easy to post!"

This game, with its variations, formed the basis of a business, with numerous other gaming items then being added to the Librium webstore to build the business. Having previously granted licenses to a number of overseas game companies, Librium Games Ltd still manufactures the games and then distributes them, along with the rest of quite an extensive game stock to a number of retailers including Librium Games (Retail). Electronic chess boards, timers, puzzles and various digital game technology provide the core for another Staffordshire business, looking to graft hard and prosper through show promotion, online sales and mail order.
Check the game store of the website for the range of items, as well as the video and details on the innovative Librium Games.…