Look Out Of Your Window Now! Astronomical events.

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James Webb images:




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Spectacular pix, the first of many I don't doubt. I only wish Albert Einstein could see that first pix ... his General Theory of Relativity, published in 1916, predicted a phenomena known as 'gravitational lensing.' That first pix is full of it.
Deep, deep space. Looking back almost to the Big Bang itself.
I tip my hat to the JWT team, it's a scientific and engineering master piece.


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Probably not quite astronomical but .. getting there. Another one of those huge storm cells over Texas with something very rare visible above it, a blue plasma sprite. These things had apparently been seen by pilots for many years but were rarely reported for reasons of questions like: "Have they been drinking ... ?" Then shuttle astronauts confirmed their existence with photographs.



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Bloody hell, as if we haven't got enough to worry about we now have large lumps of metal dropping out of the sky ... :eek::urgh::roll:

I mean, how many layers of bacofoil am I going to need for my hat ...... 🤪



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Mmm, it occurs to me that something similar could also be done more conveniently for my current location, where the Leviathan of Parsonstown is. I believe that it now has a new mirror, the original being, somewhat inconveniently, in the London Science Museum - perhaps you can see the Elgin Marbles reflected in it..?

There's plenty of space around the telescope, too.

Feb 2013 482.JPG

And Birr is the sort of town where you could persuade people to put up with what streetlights there are being turned off for one night and there's nowhere the size of Eccleshall until you're fifteen miles away.

And there is a LOFAR radio telescope across the river.


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I've always thought that balloons were one of the forgotten heroes of scientific research. If they do drop some on Venus they're going to earn their keep I suspect (Venus my be the Goddess of Love, the Lady's Planet, but it rates as one of the most hostile places in the Solar System. Makes Mars look like a Butlins Holiday Camp.)

Also, Perseid meteor shower due over the next couple of days, but the full Moon is going to mess with it a bit.