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I've just been accused by a family member of looking like Kit Harrington when I was younger. (Kit Harrington plays Jon Snow in the TV series Game of Thrones.) This follows a series of pictures of the various ages of Mr Harrington on Facebook.
I took umbrage to this, so I searched my old photos to get an age comparison. The only one I could come up with was my Discharge Book pix taken in 1973 which I had to scan in. (You don't have to wear uniform for such a photo, I was literally blackmailed into that by my employer, it's a story I wont go into.)

So here's the comparison. Suffice to say, not only do I look much cooler that Jon Snow, but he knows nothing, and I know everything. :P

I am curious as to who other people are said to have lookalikes for ... :teef:



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About every eighteen months through the 1980s, the same bloke used to stop me in Market Square and ask me if I was Colin Cooper.

He did it at least six times.


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Discharge books photos are like passport photos. My first Discharge book is dated from 1965 .. but there's no f****** way in hell am I ever going to share that picture ... :embarrass:
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Well, I ain't going post any photos up, but 30 odd years ago, for a long time I used to get called Julie. This is a lady who lives up the North End. Has quite light ginger hair and at the time was similar build to me. Couldn't see the resemblance, neither of us. I recently found her on Facebook, still nowt alike.
Took the youngest be weighed at the community centre, walked thru the door - ''Oh hello Mrs W******!

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With all the so called ‘royals’ on the telly at the moment, I kept thinking that Princess Beatrice reminded me of someone and I think it might be this chap - actor from the silent era, Lon Chaney playing the Phantom of the Opera.