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Of course there is a catch, but it's quite a minor one, so thought I'd post.

There is a virtual card called zilch, that lets you spread payments. Normally I'd run a mile as I don't like having debts other than the big ones like a house, but the cashback seems alright on it and they limit you to £200 of purchases to make sure you can be trusted with money. Anyway, til Friday there is a £15 sign up bonus if referred, the mad thing is you can spend just that bonus immediately if you like. I bought 2 smart bulbs for £20, paid a fiver, could walk away at that point if I wanted. It really is free money, and not sustainable at all, hence it finishing on Friday I guess.

The catch is you need to link a bank card to pay it off, but I linked to my monzo card instead (a prepay card, so no attachment to a real bank account). If using a real bank card was essential I'd not be posting this.

Full disclosure, if anyone signs up through my link I get a referral bonus too. If you sign up though, even if not through my link, you can then refer your own friends to get money for each of those as well as them getting £15. This must be costing them millions, god knows how drunk they were when they decided on this campaign!

Here is my link, you don't have to use it, but you need to follow someones link to get the free £15. Irrespective of how you sign up you can still refer others and get the bonus from them, a few friends have made hundreds off it and spent it all on amazon vouchers quickly in case the offer was withdrawn!



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Oh that's what everyone is talking about on facebook, I'll follow your link if I can be arsed, might treat myself to some socks.

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This must be costing them millions, god knows how drunk they were when they decided on this campaign!
I wonder if they used to work for Hoover.


wanna see my snake?
A few mates have now made several hundred quid on this, thing is though I doubt anyone will keep using it later. Be interesting to see what happens.