New Years Resolution


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What is everyone's New Years Resolution - mine is the usual diet !!!! As I obviously found all the pies over Christmas :pig: , as well as chocolates, alcohol (lots of) and everything I can get my hands on. :munch:

Cambridge diet awaits !! expensive but worth it !


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Im trying the "not eating crap all the time" diet-usually works fine its the will power that fails


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Best one I've heard so far was in another thread. I can't remember who wrote it but it was along the lines of....

"I've though long and hard about my New Years Resolution. I think it will be 1024 x 768"

(You gotta be a computer freak to find it funny I suppose!)

My own personal resolution - 1024 x 600.... I'm on a netbook!! lol


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Mine is to get my ass to uni (essentially ignoring the credit crunch by burying my head in the sand for 4 years and incurring more economy destorying debt :D


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not to set any resolutions....but to meet of the targets/aims i set myself last year and never completed.

im going to stop letting cellar woes rule my life and complete the following jobs:

1) fix outhouse roof and door (well, pay someone else to do it anyway!)

2) get bro to build bbq

3) get bro to build raised beds, ill plant stuff

4) get mum to plan front yard, get bro to dig it, and i can plant stuff

5) silver guild mirror in front room

6) frame mums artwork for front room (well, pay someone else to do it anyway!)

7)get new carpet for attic/stairs/landing

8) plan 30th birthday party in july

9) lose 2 dress sizes by birthday so can be a skinny minny 12 to start old age. (:D this is the least likely to happen! lol)



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So, with a bit of £ and a cooperative bro, you'll have most of those done in no time :D

I remember moving back to the ford in July 2000, telling myself I'd stick around for 6 months, get my car and bike license then bugger off back down south. 8 1/2 years on and I have a provisional bike license, so getting there :D


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tek-monkey said:
So, with a bit of £ and a cooperative bro, you'll have most of those done in no time :D
thats the the plan....and then when he stops being unco-operative, ill wave a can of strongbow and he'll be back on track again! ;)

being as this is stuff that i was sposed to get done from new year 2007, ive not done so well to date which does make me really determined coz usually, when its on the list- it gets done.

but like i say, if i dont let the cellar be my excuse or stumbling block then it will all be hunky dory...and with all that gardening, ill get a bit of extra exercise too!



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gk141054 said:
Whats wrong with your cellar?
2 sewage leaks from the neighbours, 2 sewage leaks from yorkshire water, 2 mains bursts from yorkshire water, one supply burst from yorkshire water....all since april 2007 (only moved in dec 06)

finally got the cellar and the front room all dried out in november, insurance contractors re-rendered the walls, pulled up the damage concrete floor and went to dig a sump hole for the pump i was fitting privately......and the water is still coming in.

YW came out on 29th dec and took water sample as their leak detection teams and logging work couldnt find i should get some results of that in another week or so.

not eligible for compo from neighbour or YW, so a bit mad about that but theres a potted history here



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Lunar Scorpion said:
My resolution is not to make any - I have a little list of things I would like to do, but they are not resolutions so much as long-term goals to focus my attention on.
good for you lunar- that was my thinking too.

these are just things ive been putting off because i allowed other issues get in my way of acheiving them because i didnt class them as priorities.

i know (now!) that these things will ultimately improve my quality of life, not only materialistically, or by giving a sense of achievement at finally having completed them....but simply because they will act as a much needed distraction from a major issue that i allowed to take over my life for the last 2 years and beat myself up about trying unrealistically to control.

its also why the least acheivable of my aims is at the bottom....having just scoffed a crunchie it clearly apparent why that is the least likely to happen! :pig:



i'm doing the obligatory "drink more water, eat more healthily" thing.. it's a nightmare.. having an apple for breakfast then nothing 'til lunchtime is nobody's idea of fun, let me tell you..

apart from that, i'm vowing to play my wii more..

edit: tell a lie, i've just had a banana.. still, it's hardly the same as a bacon samich, innit :pig:


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cat_woman said:
I'm trying to be a happier Cat_woman this year, and not give myself such a bad time this year.
Give everyone else a bad time instead, don't be so selfish.


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Well you've got me there. Have checked the dictionary and the closest I've got is "sesqui" meaning half. So what are you saying? Walking with half your legs? Perhaps on your knees? Chopping your lower legs off? Walking one legged? Speaking out of your anus?? What?


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Florence said:
Walking with half your legs??
In English that is normally known as "hopping" - at least when referring to a bipedal organism.

Actually, the derivation of the word involves implying that something is a foot and half long. There's a start for you, see how you get on from here.