Ornithology & Bird watching in Stafford


(and me! - Ed)
Although its markings are distinctive in identifying the bird, 'hovering' is a real give away. Other birds may appear stationary when aided by a strong wind, but to my knowledge kestrels are the only ones who gain remain stationary by flapping their wings!


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Its not stafford, but any idea what this is? Was hovering over the water in a dam, about 500m above sea level. Was a pair but I only managed to get pics of the one:


That's actually Kev

He's my pet Sparrowhawk

Funny bugger

Some days, chat chat chat

Other days



wanna see my snake?
Something noisy over the Isobel trail at lunchtime, only glanced a few times as I was running but it was definitely hunting.


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This character turned up for one of its occasional inspection visits to the jungle (sorry that should read "to our garden"). Other birds were staying well out of sight. Usual poor quality. Phone camera through a window at a little distance.


A few weeks ago had 3 or 4 birds in the garden that I didn't recognise (not Unusual). Somewhat like a female blackbird, slightly paler on top a fair bit paler underneath, bill thinner and a bit longer. Happily stripped the fruit off what I think might be a cherry-plum (self sown so identity a guess).