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I've been using "Last Pass" for a while now and feel quite comfortably safe using it. Take a look, you might find it suits your purposes too.

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I use a formula that gives me a different password for each site
based on some letters from the site name, a word that's used every
time and a number based on some of the letters in the password,
all together it makes a 10 digit password that's easily worked out
from the site name.

Of course with my memory, I have to have the formula hidden in
a book on my shelf in case I forget it, touch wood I haven't so far.


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After watching a program on how easy it was to get passwords, I changed mine to all different ones for each site, as well as making them really complex. Wrote each one down . but without that book at hand I keep getting locked out when my memory fails me. Got locked out of this forum the other day after getting logged off deleting my history (after googling to see what Mr Marwoods posts meant :o ) and without book at hand . Changed this one back to my original easy to remember one now!


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I use a different password and username on every site I visit but I have noticed some use the same name and picture.


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I use the application 1Password for a lot of my passwords especially for ones that need more security such as banking, HMRC etc. Fabulous application.