Please respect people's anonymity!


You there; behave!
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One of the great things about the Internet is the way it allows one to adopt an online persona, which may or may not directly reflect your real life personality. This allows people to discuss things that they might ordinarily be embarrassed about, or cover subjects that would sometimes be considered taboo.

For this reason, can I ask that people only refer to one another by their Forum username? Some people have chosen a username that obviously relates to their real name, which is absolutey fine. Others have chosen a username which is more anonymous, which is also fine.

Please respect people's anonymity by avoiding nicknames and real names, and asking people to reveal their identity on the Forum, as it may come back to bite you in the behind somewhere down the line!

Thanks. :ninja:


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I prefer Barry Scott (he of Cillit Bang fame).

"HI, I'M BARRY SCOTT!". Mental.



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Clit Bang, sounds good stuff, i may just get some for the weekend sir, thanks barry, and MR Eastwood.