Puregym coming to Stafford.


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I don't have much information on this but walking home last night I saw someone in a Puregym uniform. Puregym have no contract, great facilities and usually come at a good price per month. They also allow you to cancel whenever you want. I was a member near my work at West Brom.
I tweeted Puregym on Twitter (obviously) and they said they are due to open in March in Stafford. No other information than that.


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They built the one in Stoke On Trent in a MFI showroom - so Greyfriers, near homebase, would be my guess as it's got lots of empty units.


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Is the Stoke Puregym the 24hr one by the Dreams outlet on the roundabout?

If so, my middle son just joined that one as its close to his work, but it would be handy for there to be one in Stafford too - then he wouldn't have to drive to Stoke on his days off!

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Be well happy if this happens, two fingers up to the wankers at Gym & Tonic and the expensive (IMHO) council run offering.... although will be competition to all gyms in Stafford and we have a fair few.....

EDIT: Can't see any such tweet from them back to 6th Jan....

But if they do open, looks like it'll be £10.99 ish per month with £15 joining fee and no contract.
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If Puregym are looking to occupy a former retail unit or public house then they would need to apply for a change of use. A quick way to end this speculation would be look on the Council's website to see who has made a change of use application and where...


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Following someone else seeking clarification, it seems Pure Gym thought I said Stretford. So it isnt coming after all.


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Judging from the Newport Rd thread, the town might be renamed Stenchford soon, so maybe we'll get a gym then?


It is....... Going to replace a well known gym in Stafford. Which is shutting in a couple of weeks. Pure gym will open in Jan 16

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They've taken over virgin. filling the pool in.. they originally wanted the dream place but virgin offered to sell up.. Virgin didn't fancy the competition