Roofer needed

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I am also looking for someone to quote me for replacement soffits , fascias, guttering and eaves protection on my house.

Any recommendations appreciated.


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How dare you out a forum user as being female, inspite of them previously outing themselves. Admin must be told...
I am a he/she/it, get called loads of names in my job!

Can't we all know, as I'm sure none of us would like our time wasted when push comes to shove?
Yes, is it possible for you to tell us all here. I need to get my roof sorted and last thing I need is any time wasters. Thanks x


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The one that did turn up was KT roofing
Ps. And never gave us a quote.
Why bother coming round
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Still looking people just don't turn up to look at the job...
Any one had a roofer lately that they can recommend. Thanks again


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Only used them once but great guys, reasonable prices and very happy with the quality of the work
H&H roofing services 07837 212873