Sandon Village.


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Apart from this demonstration of spinning...


...most of the things of interest to me were vehicle-related.




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^ There are people around who may remember finding this Berkeley secreted in the Main Works on odd occasions..


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The fete is on again next Sunday, August 10th, if @Entropy has sobered up enough by then...

Often some interesting vehicles, as seen above at last year's do.
The more observant amongst you will have noticed the the 10th is actually Saturday, but, as with so many other events due to be held that day, it has been cancelled, due to the weather forecast with its prediction of high winds.

It is with much regret that we, as a committee, have decided to cancel the fete for this year. The forecast is not brilliant but it now shows that there may be winds of over 40 miles and hour and the owner of the marquees is not willing to come out, which is understandable. I am sure that you have had your reservations too. I would be grateful if you would spread the word around so that no-one comes to the fete not knowing of its cancellation. This has been a very hard decision but in the light of safety we have had to make it.
May I take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your support and hope that it will be with us next year when we start our preparations again.

Many thanks again,

Sandon and District Village Fete Committee.