Sponsered Book Read

Who would like their child/children to take part in a one week sponsored read? And at the end of it they get to choose some free books?! Perfect to keep them entertained, learn something new and not break your bank balance.

All you have to do is ask family and friends to sponsor your child, collect the money at the end of the week (you can abide by social distancing- ask them to bank transfer it to you if possible). Then send it to myself with a list of books you wish to buy them with the raised funds.

I will also give each participant 10% off their order meaning they might end up with another book too absolutely free!

I have sponsor forms and reading logs I can send you by email, all you have to do is fill it in and send it back to me.

Everyone will also get a certificate at the end of it too! We'll start the read on Monday 22nd June so you have a few days to get the sponsors in. Please message me if you have any questions!!


I think this is something the children will love there ard some really lovely books, jigsaws and kits to choose from.


I really hope you would love to take part