Stafford Born and Bred?


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Mum and dad come from Wolverhampton but moved here late 70's. I was born in Groundslow and lived in Stafford ever since.


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I wasn't born here. Came when my parents took a business on in town in 1966. I went away to school in 1967 and came home in 1972 ... and never wanted to go away again. My daughter was born here, so I guess I was nurtured here (and there) but I have more roots here than I can shake a stick at.
Stafford born and bred, and can trace my Father's side back to 1770. My Dad's ancestors were Freemen of the Borough and Church wardens. On my Maternal side only the last 3 generations were Staffordians, before that they were from Aberdeen.


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Family moved from Wednesfield after the WW2 when the family farm was compulsory purchased to build a housing estate, they then moved to Acton Trussell, I was born in Groundslow Hospital, now live in the Borough.

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Brummie through and through....came to stafford 8 yrs ago because i wanted to be nearer my daughter who moved here a year before.


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My parents moved here from salop to find work. I was born in button manor hospital .grew up around stafford and iam still here


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My grandparents and parents were Stafford born. I myself was actually born in the room above the bar of the Lamb Inn as my granddad was then the Licensee. My children and my grandchildren are also all Stafford born and bred.


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Yeah, I was born in Stafford.

My mum is from Wigan, her dad's family were from Ireland originally. She moved here with the family when she was 10 in 1981 or 1982, she had me 18 years later in 1999.
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Born in Fernleigh hospital , Marston Road 68 years ago. Lived in Stafford the rest of my life until we moved to Worcester 19 months ago.