Stafford Cricket & Hockey Club Re-Opening


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Everyone is welcome for drinks and nibbles to celebrate the re-opening of Stafford Cricket & Hockey Club after the flood damage in October last year

Friday 28th February 2020 from 7pm

Hope to see you there!


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Sadly won't be there but I had a drink here just over a week ago with the Stafford harriers and the place looks great !!


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Is it dry there today?

Unfortunately not, the Grand Re-Opening Event has had to be cancelled :(

I'm sorry to inform you that after the heavy rainfall of both Storms Ciara and Dennis, the brook that runs along side the access road leading to Stafford Cricket & Hockey Club has once again burst it's banks and our clubhouse has flooded overnight.

This is devastating news just 2 weeks before our Grand Re-Opening Night, when the repair work from the flood in October was virtually complete.

Despite the valiant efforts of club members on Sunday afternoon laying sandbags and lifting what items we could in the hope of keeping the water out, the club has flooded to the approximate height of the skirting boards.

Late last night an attempt was made to install a submersible pump to try and limit the damage however the water level wasn't sufficient for it to be effective.

We were due to meet with the Environment Agency at the end of February to plan our future strategy for flood defences/prevention. In the light of the frequency of such extreme weather events, this will now become a major priority for us moving forward.

Unfortunately this means our club will once again be closed while we wait for the water level to drop so the drying out process can commence.


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Thanks for the update @Chick. Deverstated to hear of this bad news, many the Stafford harriers were looking forward to the Club reopening, it must be so frustrating :(
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