Stafford shops closing - Turning into a ghost town?


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Are you a Geordie @littleme ??

(Quick men, run like f*** for the woods, there's a Geordie bird on the loose .... :o)

:P:P:P:P ... only joking. I sailed with a lot of Geordie engineers, mad bastards the lot of em. :D


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Restaffing Couture.

Ah. I worked there in the Colosseum days, and whilst a tenner an hour is an OK wage for that sort of thing you lose all social life if your mates work 'normal' jobs. I did it all through college and uni as a necessity, it fit around studies, but as soon as my days were my own again I was gone.

EDIT: Were staff furloughed and failed to return, or got rid of so starting from scratch?