Stafford shops closing - Turning into a ghost town?


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Speaking personally. Stafford provides me with all the shops i need. I like to think i'm an average consumer. I spend my money fairly evenly between big name shops, independents and online. I'm someone who values the in stock factor. I'm willing to pay a little bit more something compared to online prices if it means i can have it in my hands there and then. But only a little more, there is a limit.

Something i'd like to see more of is click and collect services. Checking the stock in my area on my phone and going to pick it up. More integration like this with online would be welcome for me. I think stafford is a great town with a lot to offer. If It didn't provide everything i need i wouldn't live here.

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Lots of words........

1. On what expertise do you base your points?

Second, the likes of Asda ,sainsburys are not responsible for high street decline at all. These businesses have been around for years and profit margins on anything but food for tesco and sainburys almost make it pointless.

2. Isn't that the whole point.... Tesco et al sell a TV for £100 with next to no profit margin, thereby drawing people away from the independent TV seller who sells the same TV for £150... therefore tv seller goes out of business, therefore high street is dead.... I think I have missed your point here ot you have explained it very badly because surely this is so simple that anyone can see it?

So to say Tesco et al are "not responsible for high street decline at all" is in a rather crude word, bollocks! Maybe not entirely but I am 100% certain that they have had an input.

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Yup, went at the weekend I think. Looking very dead up that end of the guildhall now, with HMV gone too.


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Slight thread resurrection, but I see we have lost the second lot of ambulance chasers from near the market. No win, no fee, no more. As mentioned elsewhere I predict a vape shop, we have too few of those.


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It has been a mixed bag of news for our county town….
But it is when you are up against it that you want leaders to stand up and be counted.
What you don’t want is people giving up and talk of ‘turning the lights off’ – which I was disappointed to see from one elected representative on social media recently…

…But no, we won’t be ‘turning the lights off.’

Now is the time to look at opportunities to keep the light of Stafford burning brightly. Now is the time for leadership.

'Now EX SBC Leader Mike Heenan'

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Freeman Hardy and Willis

All gone

Where's a poor spiv supposed to buy his winklepickers this day and age


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Whatever shop it is that is currently here has a Closing Down sign in the window, I notice.

I spotted that too. It is an Indian clothing/tat/seamstress shop. I've never seen anyone in Stafford ever wearing clothing like that so guess it didn't do very well.
Also noticed today Capitol Appliances at the end of my old row has finally gone - they were on a rolling monthly lease so wonder if they are finally going to do some work on the row?