Stafford shops opening - Turning into a boom town?


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Yeah there's traffic lights around the Crab Nebula, just a moment, just a moment, (saucer judders to a halt.)



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I went to King Eddy's when it was a grammar school and we had to wear shorts until, I think, the third year.

It was a source of amusement to the girls when our year was transferred to Westway when they combined with the girl's high school.
Been there, done that. When I was a "turd" one of my class mates was already getting on for 6ft and had fairly hairy legs. He was given dispensation to wear long trousers.


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Workmen trying to pick the lock to gain entry into the new baby photo shop opposite the cinema, so that's obviously gone TU. Who could have seen that coming...


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Yeah, that's the one I'm on about.
Had anyone got any info about the Ship Aground? Do they have a website?
If they have put in an alcohol application I'm expecting the usual suspects will be objecting like they did for the Devil's Taphouse bottleshop....


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Maybe GRU. ) :strange:



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There is a funding campaign to help start a new book store in Stafford

Indiegogo -
Facebook Page -

Would be good to know what their main funding source is... and slightly confused as to why they need solicitors and surveyors for just renting a unit, the only time I’ve had the S-word come into rental discussions has been when I started talking to Beacon Group about renting and was told the subject of internet connectivity wouldn’t come into the discussion until solicitors were at the table

(I went elsewhere at that point)