Stafford Western Access Route.

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Main works due to commence next month (according to the County Council's website).

Project milestones include (times subject to change)
  • On site activities begin: June 10 2019.
  • Start piling works in Castletown: Early July 2019 (approximately seven months).
  • Start piling works at Doxey Road car park: Early August 2019 (approximately seven months).
  • Start piling works at Ten Pin and Lidl: Early October 2019 (approximately seven months).
  • Roadworks at Doxey Road roundabout: Early September 2019.
  • Roadworks between Doxey Road Bridge and Timberfields: Mid-October 2019.
  • Demolition of old St Gobain buildings: Mid-October 2019.
  • Roadworks at Rose Hill/Martin Drive roundabout: Mid-November 2019.
  • Roadworks between Timberfields and Doxey Road roundabout: December 2019.
  • Doxey Road car park viaduct beam installation: January 2020.
  • Roadworks to Madford Retail Park: July 2020.
  • River Sow bridge beam installation: Late July 2020.
  • Works at Sainsbury car park north (subject to approval with Stafford Borough Council): Early December 2020.
  • Works at Sainsbury Car Park South (subject to approval with Stafford Borough Coouncil): Early February 2021.
  • Doxey Road railway bridge closure: Late March 2021.
  • Scheme completion: August 2021.
  • Works at Madford Retail Park (subject to approval with Aviva). Lidl Car Park late September 2020. Ten pin car park early October 2020. Curry’s/PC World car park early February 2021.


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Does rather remind one of the massive disruption over the slight works to a certain roundabout recently.

Seven months of piling work is not going to go down well with those working shifts.....
It's bad enough with the roadworks out the front at the mo, I'll be back on nights soon, think I might go sleep at my sisters farm for the month.


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Let's have a SWAR sweepstake on how long it will be before They decide They underguestimated the number and depth of pilings needed, requiring a revised budget and a projected finishing date of 2028. Meanwhile, the rest of Stafford will be accessible only by boat or council helicopter.


(and me! - Ed)
Work in Doxey live in Highfields, looks like cycling to work is going to be via Derrington in future; and that, or via Seighford is going to be the way into town for staff and residents as well; and just don't start me on the bus situation, can't see that being made any easier by major road works! How hum!

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I think I've said it before, elsewhere on here, but the road network needed to be improved in some way, where is now being "improved". So, I am a Staffordian rather than a NIMBY and this new road goes straight past the end of my road, will change the way I get home/leave home and park, but the problem overall is shifting the bottleneck. Chell Road, Tenterbanks and Station Road may run relatively freely but Kingsway and Newport Road will be the next to clog. Being an original West heading road to run in and out of town, it's well established and the narrow lane of about 500 yards can not be widened or improved. Should be interesting to see how heavy use plus the 1500 new houses will have a bearing on this.

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If you dig through the paperwork you will find that, when the Western Access Route is completed, there are plans to alter Chell Road, making it the main bus terminus for all services into and out of Stafford, as well as making it more pedestrian friendly (including increasing the frequency that the pedestrian crossing operates.

There is a clear intention to encourage non-bus road users away from Chell Road, with the possibility that part of Chell Road be made buses only.

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There needs to be more crossings for pedestrians anyway, it was a short sighted pisstake tbh, that they redid the road down by The Range / Job centre Screwfix and didn't alter them.

There should be a crossing where The Range exit / entrance is before the bus stop , towards the waggon.

How no one has died crossing that road I don't know.
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This is the area. There's literally no safe way to cross at this point.


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Maybe the Council are hoping they can squeeze whoever develops the old job centre, to pay for a crossing, assuming that whatever the development turns out to be is deemed to 'generate' additional pedestrian flow.


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Yeah, when it's not flooded, been closed up until a few weeks ago, there was a good few feet of water at the bottom.

And that's not taking into consideration the occasional needles on the floor.
Fair point, didn't realise about the flooding!