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basil said:
tek-monkey said:
Surely those who want to come to Stafford still would? I've never jumped off a train a few stops early because the station looked nice?
Try the Naples to Sorrento slow service.......
LOL. I've been on the Naples to Sorrento slow service - all 30 odd stops - standing all the way!


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John Marwood said:
They are super cooled conductors powering the underground fusion plant which will lift trains onto the soon to be built Norton Bridge Flyover for the " we wont ever stop at Stafford" crossrail high speed project betwixt Manchester and London

Or summat
Surely a project such as this would require some sort of 'Wisk' assessment?


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I had cause to collect family members from outside the station last night
If you can get near!
Mercedes garage area full of taxis



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Normally its £2 at the weekend and probably Bank Holiday.

If you are going to use the train I would check in advance as there is a lot of engineering work for this weekend.


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You'd hope it would be £2 on a crank holiday - but had a look at National Fail and Virgin Trains websites and neither makes mention of bank holiday. They just say £2 at "weekends" which is quite ambiguous where bank hol concerned. Easiest way of getting the definitive answer is to ask at station I think!


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henryscat said:
The station staff are very helpful on Stafford station facebook too.
Agree with that they are also on Twitter. I suggested that they might want to join the forum.


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If I were to park my car at 4pm on a Friday and return to pick it up say 4pm Saturday, is that a £6 fee?

And likewise, if I were to park at 8am on a Friday and return to pick it up say 4p Saturday, is that a £10 fee?

John Marwood

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