Stoke Beer Festival


Wasps - feel my wrath!
So it is! fond memories of that enviro many moons ago still got my glass tankard comments from anyone who knows me and the infamous "the night is young and I smell like a surfer" line ( you had to be there ! )

think you might have forgotten the link tho?

here it is


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I've got a flyer at home with the URL on. Was thinking about booking tickets tonight.

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I went some years ago with a couple of colleagues from Mike Lloyds Music. It was quite an experience. Terrific amount of beer available.

Don't think I'll be attending though. Need a few lifestyle changes after my visit to the GP this morning. Sadly. Ho hum. :(

Edit: It's worth pointing out that one of those colleagues used to book a week off work especially for the beer festival. That's all he did. Go abroad, no chance, spend a week in Stoke getting lashed? Rock and roll!


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I've been to a few of these, always good fun. Though didn't attend last year, some friends did, and if this year is anything like last, don't go unless you have tickets pre-purchased!


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They've got no pre-order tickets left for the evening, which leaves only 575 pay on the door places, so we're giving the evening session a miss.

Will probably go for the early session though (11.00-3.30)- there are no pre-order tickets for this, so all 1150 places are pay on the door.

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Went to this afternoon's session but was working so couldn't make the most of it. Boss got a bit tipsy though which was very funny. Had to stop her firing off some "stick it up your ****" e-mails this afternoon! =D