Studio Ghibli Forever - Cinema Season


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Just in case there are other people on here that love Studio Ghibli movies and the works of this legendary Japanese animation studio, you may be interested in this

Over the next 12 weeks, some of the studio's most prolific movies will be shown and specialist cinemas around the country. Our closest being the Electric Theater in Birmingham, 5 minutes walk from New Street Station.

If you're a fan, then I cannot recommend this highly enough. :)


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I have quite a few Studio Ghibli films. Thanks for the link.

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DD loves studio Ghibli, so thanks for the heads up :)

No Problem!

I learned that Stafford Cinema was showing Laputa on Saturday Morning as part of their Kids club....Coincidence that Laputa was this weekends featured movie for Ghibli forever.

I'm not sure if they an unofficial shower of Ghibli or it was just sheer coincidence?