Talk to me about Digital Projectors.


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I have struggled through the gale to the pub tonight. I was almost the only customer who made the effort, so various discussions occurred.

We have considered the possibility of having a ceiling-mounted projector, using a white-faced blackout blind as a screen.

I am expected to 'know about' these things, but I last had a telly in 1983 and things may have moved on a bit since then, I expect.

There are three basic functions that might be required.

1, Relaying the performance from the 'venue' in a separate area, back into the bar area.

2, Displaying the image from the TV,

3, Playing the odd You Tube video.


There are various questions -

There seem to be some remarkable cheap ones about - are they any good?

We would be looking at a projected image size of around 4' x 3'.

Do these things have the means to correct for a slight off-centre projection?

How long do the light sources last?


Any information/experience would be useful.


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The projector market is a scam, that’s the first thing you should know…

That 1080p projector for £30 on Amazon? It has an actual native resolution of about 480p, everything else is upscaled and looks awful. So the “native” value is the one to pay attention to, and sometimes that’s not even that obvious.