Thai No. 5 - ex-Thai Heritage, Stafford.


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I went a couple of Tuesdays ago and the service was excellent. Food was very tasty but had to ask for additional chillies as they make it all very mild for my taste. Not the cheapest I must say though. Prawn crackers £3.95 to start off.... Small Singha beer £4.50..... Probably would go again but only for a special occasion. All in all, Prawn crackers, tempura prawns, mini spring rolls, 2x curries and one sticky rice and 5 beers came in at a shave under £60. Not terrible I suppose but for a Tuesday night meal....
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Went to the Thai Heritage for dinner tonight. Really enjoyed it, good atmosphere in the place & the food was excellent.

Happy New Year to all!


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Their facebook says they now deliver during the week and on sundays. Assuming its the full menu as they didnt state otherwise


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Had an absolutely fabulous meal here last night.

Great service and the food really really lovely.


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Very nice meal there last week , not many in but it was only tuesday, excellent service and tasty food


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I bieve they changed their name to Thai Alley a short while back.
That said, was celebrating the 20th year of being married to the current MrsD there last night, the food and service was still excellent. Really could not have been better.