The Bankhouse Diner (and quirky crafts) formerly B H Grill, Bean Encounter & B H Wine Bar.


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In Facebook just:

It’s with a heavy heart and many weeks of considerable thought, that Mark & I have come to the conclusion & decision that our last day at the Bankhouse Diner will be NEW YEARS EVE. (Yes there will be a BIG PARTY 🎉)!!

Thanks to each and everyone of you that has supported us for the last 2 years. It’s been one of the hardest, most fun, most frustrating, tiring, uplifting, enjoyable and rewarding - all at the same time - thing we’ve ever done! 🥰 Jeez hospitality is hard work but it’s so much fun too - very black and white in terms of conflicting emotions & effort 🤔

It’s been consistently difficult to survive with the way the world is now …. We aren’t alone is making the decision to close our small business. We, along with many others, are only functioning at about 60% - compared to pre-Covid.

It’s going to be a sad few weeks …. But we have to do what is best for us, we need a life too and the battle has finally kinda beat us. However, that’s ok - I don’t regret it for a moment.

So many memories to take with us and a piece of ours hearts will remain in Salter Street forever ❤️ We fell in love there …. We don’t regret a single moment.

Thanks to all our staff past & present …our customers, friends, landlord and families - see you all somewhere on the other side of NYE🤶

Much love and thanks - from the bottom of our hearts 💕

Theresa Green

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I'd suggest it reopens as a cafe for Deliveroo workers but it's probably too soon

Basically , running a business without some kind of forecasting being possible would leave anyone questioning their sanity or the sanity of the world

This world has changed

And a lot of the change is now permanent

The Future is going involve a restricted choice in many aspects of life we've taken for granted

We can only flex so far

The rent needs to be paid


Enjoying a drop of red.
One can only hope the new venture knows not to continually shoot itself in the foot, unlike previous occupants of the building.


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Now seems to be a Thai restaurant. Only just noticed, don't get into the centre of Stafford much now.