The Sandonia.


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noticed today there were chairs in the car park at the side ,does this mean something is being done to the place

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I heard there was outline planning for conversion to flats (!?) Is there a planning dept mole who might know something ?


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Why didn't this happen years ago?, now it's under threat of being knocked down people suddenly care?

It's far too gone inside, I hope they have a lot of money if they want to make it something again.

if did something sooner, maybe it wouldn't of come to it

Saying all this, I do hope it doesn't get knocked down, and it can be a building you can go inside in the future, always makes you look when walking past, it's sort of sad that there's things growing out the windows..

it's like a building in the Chernobyl zone...just missing the wild animals that are flourishing there


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@Zylo that was my exact first thought. People don't seem to worry about it going to wrack and ruin, then moan when people want to knock it down.

Didn't they find a load of asbestos in it when they gutted the inside?

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Dunno what's occuring this morning, but work seems to have started preparing the building.

There was some weird message on the save group that not all details can be made public, and a private group was set up for some volunteers involved, so maybe a private investor has stepped in.

Either way, I doubt it's anything exciting, it'll most definitely be transformed into high class apartments at some point.


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How many apartments will fit in there. I doubt if they’ll get 2 fat ladies or even clickers click, probably more like legs 11


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It's got a bit of history ... !! Certainly for me. But when I walked around it a couple of years ago it looked in very poor condition. I took a few pix so if it gets some kind of restoration, regardless of what ... there should be some good 'before and after' shots to be had. :|

PS Years ago my Old Man got some work inside cleaning it up. I was a student and he gave me some paid work, cleaning the underside of the balcony. It was coated in thick brown gunge deposited by years and years of smokers. Had I been a smoker, which I've never been, that would have cured me for evermore. I believe they eventually ripped the balcony out.

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On an unrelated note, I noticed that the old Irish Club now has a couple new stories built on top, and the front has been kept. Much better than what was there before, so hopefully some thoughtful restoration can happen here.

Now if only someone redeveloped the old co-op and m&s, and you'd have thought the guys who are turning the old gym / new look / bright house into a hotel, would have used lockdown to have this project completed and ready to open by the time lockdown's over with.


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The other bigger old Irish club on the corners of Fancy Walk, Marston Road, and Shrewsbury Rd is also due to be converted into apartments. Not sure if this has started yet.


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you'd have thought the guys who are turning the old gym / new look / bright house into a hotel, would have used lockdown to have this project completed and ready to open by the time lockdown's over with.

One would imagine that many organisations are re evaluating plans that they may have had given the last 12 months especially with brexit happening. I read somewhere (can't recall where) that there is a shortfall of skills for construction job roles...


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After speaking to the owner, we can confirm that the scaffolding was erected for safety reasons as masonry was falling onto the road. At the moment, no demolition is taking place nor has a new buyer taken possession.
We are currently beginning the search to find a developer who would like to sympathetically convert the building to a new use. If you are involved in planning or real estate, please do get in touch as we could use your help.
All the best,
Save Our Sandonia