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My Mum used to work on the Fracture Ward. And I spent many many hours/years at the eye clinc growing up.
If your Mum worked there in 1983, she probably wiped my bum 😂😂😂😂
Yes, she was there then, she used to work at Yarnfield Hospital, and when it closed down, she moved to the SGI. The day she retired, is the same day my sister had her baby. Mum helped look after him because my sister had to return to work, so she never really retired.


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My favourite thought for this week especially ....




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Apparently the BBC are going to resurrect a popular 70's comedy series. Due to a small change in casting, the title has been altered accordingly.


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Some people may remember the 100 Greatest Britons thing on the telly where, I think, Churchill came out top.

Thatcher was the Greatest Living Briton at that time, according to the voting, everybody above her 17th place was dead - subsequent to her death, that title moved to the person one place below her - Michael Crawford.

Now, he's a fairly inoffensive character, but I find it quite alarming that people think he's the greatest living Briton...


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I saw a picture online this morning and I thought I'd immediately recognized where it was. Back in the day I used to do a fair bit of climbing, and one easily accessible site is the Roaches, a large outcropping of rock on the road between Leek and Buxton, (just inside Staffordshire.) I convinced myself this was a well known climb on the outcrop called 'Crack and Corner.'
I was a tad in error on my identification. The pix was taken by the Curiosity Rover on Mars. I figure that's a bit further away than the A53 between Leek and Buxton. :eek:


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Back in the day I used to do a fair bit of climbing, and one easily accessible site is the Roaches
That picture of a big rock inevitably reminded of The Rock, a nearby pub selling Marstons Pedigree and Draught Bass when I used to get about much more back in the 1980s.


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Yes a favourite was the Rock when I was camping up that way. Another favourite was the Travellers Rest which is a bit further up the road toward Buxton ... past the 'Winking Man' rock formation. I'm told the Winking Man doesn't wink any more because somebody went up there and hammered off the rocks for some reason. I don't know if that's true or not.
I will say this, I've camped up there beneath the Roaches in the winter, and it's one of coldest places I've ever camped.
There's also a story ... or legend ... that there are wild wallabies roaming about over that way. I never saw any but given the things I see sometimes when staggering home from the pub, I daresay somebody saw them. 🤪


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Rooted about online and found this drone video showing the Winking Man still winks (well, when sighted from a drone anyway.) It used to wink when you drove along that road.



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This looks a bit like the M6 near Preston to me. .... (I've always thought there was a lot of weird shit going down in Preston.) :heyhey: