Trello - anyone used?


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Something that popped up the other day, I used it years ago but it now appears a lot slicker. Just wondering if anyone had experience of it, good or bad, before I put any time into experimenting.


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I use it a lot. Project management, tasks, issue reporting, etc. It’s simple and flexible enough that it doesn’t get in the way.

Personal use I keep track of stuff that needs doing about the house (renovations and DIY rather than chores), each room is a list of cards.


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Yes, lots - I use it for planning research and I've used it for projects too.

I wrote a quick quide with some screenshots on (my work blog) but I really love it as a very flexible tool for project management.

Lee B

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It is useful if you are not tied to using only IE 11 as it appears to not be supported anymore.