Trent Walk - Is this private land?

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It's a right turning prior to the County Showground going out of Stafford. MapMyRun allows it as a route but I can see nothing on Google about it? Cheers.


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This is the other end of it, which would suggest it is, indeed, a private road.

Long bugger, though - doubt very much you'd be 'challenged' for being on it.

I know where i'm going on my next bike ride. Monday? Tennish? Anyone?

Thinking Trent Walk > Ingestre > Canalside (Great Haywood) > Tea and/or Scone > towpath > Stafford.

Join me?


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last time i walked through there as a short cut to ingestre talking aout 10 yrs ago i was told by one of the tractor drivers as i walked by that it was private land and i shouldnt be there think it goes through land owned by a farmer surname of Parrot. I took no notice and carried on. Lovely scenery there mind.
It used to be used every year during the 1980s by myself and the lads in the local villages at county show time as you could scale the fences at the back of the showground and get in for nowt
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It's private land, I believe.
Seem to remember the 'rents stopping at the caravan site up there, and it been a private road.

Specifically, this one


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I've noticed 'Trent Walk' on Google Maps as if it's a normal lane but it doesn't show up as right of way on my '2½ inch' Ordnance Survey map.
On Friday I walked up Beacon Hill, beyond the Showground and wind turbines and back down Hanyards Lane.