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Greetings Stafford! I just moved here from Seattle, USA to live with my fiancee. I'm hoping to meet other vegans and vegan musicians in Stafford or nearby to hang out and jam a bit. I brought my acoustic with me and I sing and play piano when there's one to be played. Cheers!


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There are open mike nights around - e.g. Slater's on a Tuesday, I believe, but there won't be dietary requirements there.

There is Roots/Tranquillity, off Newport Road, that could be a good place to enquire about other like-minded vegan musicians that they might know of.


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Welcome, Aaron! Without wanting to be too down on our fine town I would say that's quite a sacrifice you've made for your fiancee so it must be love! XD


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Welcome to the Costa del Stafford.......just curious if the vegan requirement is a neccessity?