Verso Lounge.


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Went for lunch yesterday with my eldest. We had no complaints but a couple of people had been waiting a long time for food. I can see it being a regular haunt for us - child friendly without being too Hungry Horse, and excellent veggie options


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Went this morning for breakfast. Decent vegan menu for the girlfriend (she was very pleased), and the whole place looked great.

Food was fresh and yummy, and the laté was excellent too.

We'll definitely visit again. I'd be really keen for the council to encourage bars etc to have some outside seating - the square there seems perfect, as does the area outside Number 7!


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Verso's my go to breakfast place.

Lovely vegan breakfast, those that work there are nice, not too chatty and not mutes.

Every other eatery in Stafford that doesn't serve vegan options, look out and be careful, don't get left behind!
This is how you run a place.



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Paid a visit on Saturday and was impressed....similar to the Marino Lounge up in New Brighton and still great. Had to mention to the chap behind the bar that I'd like a glass of coke not a glass of ice filled to brim.

Other than that, will definitely go there again.


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That veggie breakfast looks rubbish. I think they need to radically improve their presentation of that.

Had breakfast there on Saturday and it was a damn site better presented. Quite tasty as well but not quite up to Swan standards. We will be back though.

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Had dinner in Verso Lounge for the first time last night. Service was great, probably the fastest I have ever received a meal after ordering it. Very nice too, I can recommend the 'Hero Burger'.


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Had lunch in the Verso Lounge today. Very busy but the service was good & the food was excellent.

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Indeed. If the food was good, it's not an issue.
Definitely my friend. I don't think any of us are naive enough to think that everything in a chain bar/restaurant is prepared from scratch however, as long as the food is good then how it gets to the table is of little consequence.