Verso Lounge.


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Popped in friday, lunch, it was very busy , Tapas was good
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I visited the verso lounge last friday. I had a lovely pint of Cornish cruiser and the wife had the house wine. A very nice addition to Stafford but I'm still not sure about the decor.

It's not a place I would normally choose to go to if I was on my own. You are more likely to see me in the many brilliant real ale pubs in Stafford.

For me, it's a place to take the wife, however we both prefer my belle.


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I've been in twice now - once for coffee, once for breakfast. Both times it was packed which was nice to see.
The service was great, love the decor and the vibe. Verso poached eggs with spinach was extremely tasty!
I see there is another dessert shop opening next door. Do we need two Dessert shops?


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I think once the cinema is open it has the potential to support two. They just better hope its running on time (anyone know when that is by the way?!)


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We were here for brunch earlier - worried we wouldn't get a table since they don't take reservations but we were ok at 11am - wonderful pancakes


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Went in for breakfast yesterday and have to admit was a little disappointed after the previous reports on here.

The fried egg was hard at the top and rubbery as if it had been under a heat lamp, the sausage pate was tasty but tiny. It just didn't seem value for money and nothing special compared with other venues serving breakfast at a similar price.

The cappuccino was very nice though and I would return for coffee if nothing else.


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We went in for breakfast yesterday morning (Saturday) & had a similar experience to hooperman. Breakfast was nice & hot but seemed like it had been under the heat lamp a bit too long. What I found really annoying was the very slow service. We arrived at a couple of minutes past 11am & it was pretty quiet in there but it still took over 10 minutes waiting at the counter to order 2breakfasts & 2 coffees. It took another 10 minutes for the coffees to arrive. By the time the breakfasts arrived we'd finished the coffees but weren't able to reorder with the waitress " you've got to order at the counter". We ate the breakfasts & I then went back to the counter to order the coffees & had to wait again for what seemed like ages. It then took a long time for the coffees to arrive again. I'd hate to see what it's like when it's really busy. There was 1 person taking the orders & 1 person making & delivering the drinks. They really need to get this sorted, while we were in no rush (I much prefer a leisurely meal) over an hour & a half for 2drinks & a breakfast was a bit longer than we expected.
We'll probably give it another try to see if it's any better but they really only will get 1 more chance. It doesn't take a lot to lose my custom.


don't mention the blinds
The wife and her ladyfriend had two breakfasts two coffees and two prosecco was there for 50 minutes in total it was a Saturday a couple of weeks ago nothing to complain about, apart from the heavy door!


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Another tick against the slow service here....went before xmas with my brother who was in benefit to the place is they serve houmous and carrot sticks with kids meals but that's pretty useless if they don't bring it out until 2 minutes before the kids meal is served itself...

to be fair to them houmous and carrot sticks is a very tricky item to prepare....
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I popped in one morning between Christmas and New Year, we had the vegan breakfast and the sweet potato waffle thingy, they were really nice.
The service, i guess, was a little slow but then as above i was in no rush and had a godo table so, the service was nice and smiley though so that far out weighs any extra minute i may have had to wait, for my drink.

It'll have to go some way to stop being my go-to-place for breakfast.

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I've been to Verso quite a few times now, they did a mushroom and bacon soup that I can't wait to see on the board again, it was amazing. We like it so much when we got married in November we decided to have our wedding dinner there - they did really well speed wise considering it was quite busy and there were 10 of us ordering food and all wanting different cocktails and drinks. The staff are always lovely and friendly and a couple of them recognise me now and have a little chat - very nice.


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Had a not-so-great experience here recently.

I got an air of starting-to-be-run-by-kids vibe about the place, which i've had with my favourite places before.

Started with me asking for fresh orange juice but the machine was broke and so greeted with a will the cartoned stuff do? i said fine and then any ice? i said no thanks, two seconds later it arrives with ice but by then i couldn't be arsed to say nouwt. Whilst waiting for the food i notice tables could do with being cleared but the chap who served me at the bar walked passed them all to kick the door open to go outside for a fag. It took another to clear the tables sometime later (after she'd finished eating her food, yes she did work there!) and when my food arrived the side order of hummus and ciabatta, the ciabatta was inedible and i did complain and they were willing to give me a drink for my troubles, but i was that pissed-off about it, i put on my pissed-off face and soon left.


I'll send head office an email.


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Just spoken to an 'operations manager' from the Lounges, very apologetic obviosuly and has noted my feedback comment i've given.

I hope it doesn't happen again, as it'll drop down my rankings of favourite places to go in Stafford, to eat.