What I Did This Weekend - In Pictures!


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I've fitted a 400 watt panel heater under the desk in the shed. It's mounted on 2" battens with a 1"expanded polystyrene sheet against the wall, for insulation purposes. The 'exhaust' from the heater flows out at the front edge of the desk, past the 'operator'.


There's also a raised grid for a footrest, to avoid the mass of the concrete floor 'robbing' heat from the feet - that's an old Ikea shoe shelf thing, I think.

I may fit another vertical plate at the left-hand end, to prevent any convected heat spilling out that way.

Eventually, the supply for the heater will be via a socket under the desk, controlled by an illuminated switch adjacent to the door, so it will be seen if it's left 'on'.


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Back in the routine of the Perpetual Weekend*, I noticed that the Accidental Flower Bed was coming to the end of this year's display, so I scythed it down with the hedge trimmer and left the debris to dry off for a few days.


I ran the tiller through 'the short way', to chop up and incorporate the stuff left in the ground, then the shreddings were scattered over the surface and the whole thing tilled again, 'the long way', to catch any areas that I missed on the first pass.


The Robin was sat on the far end of the Heap wall, making sure that all was being properly done.

The 'shredded vegetable matter' from this year's growth will have contained a million seeds and these are now sown, ready for next year.

* The only thing that differentiates days here now is that my preferred pubs are not (generally) open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are, of course, Twat Days.


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I have a couple of these nice old Smiths timers, so I've fitted one under the shelf above the Shed cooker, to further enhance the culinary delights that may emanate from it.


It has the added facility that it is not just a mere sixty minute timer, but it can be further turned to time up to five whole hours, as indicated by the small dial under the zero. That may not be used too often for cooking events, but it might be useful for alerting me to the amount of time that has passed on some never-ending job, etc...


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Mission: Guild Hall problem to be resolved.
Target: Outlined in laser yellow and programmed.
Ordnance: Drone carried Raptor Missile, program downloaded.
Advisory: There may be collateral damage ... (well come on, who goes to church these days anyway ?)



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I had a few errands today and it was possible to do them in an efficient circular journey. A slight extension of the circuit enabled me to visit this historical monument, whose existence I was unaware of until a few days ago.

In the 70s, I spent some time visiting all (or so I thought) of the many sites around the place, but somehow missed this one. It is on a road that you wouldn't use unless you were trying to access somewhere actually on that road, the parallel main road would be better for all other journeys. I only know that it's there now because I saw a picture the other day and thought the hills in the background looked familiar.


Some locals have taken up residence in the roof of the tower and they spent some time trying to get me to stand on their aiming spot, but I emerged unscathed.



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A lesson I learned from any number of ladies in South American girly bars:
"Business is business ... love is bullshit." 🧐

(I didn't agree with it, but .. I wasn't really in a position to give a positive counter argument.) 😶‍🌫️


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Today's job required full use of the rather limited availability of daylight.

As expected, it turned into a bit of a saga, but it's 'done' now.

The switch for the under-desk heater is in place now, controlling an unswitched twin socket under the desk - being next to the door and having a neon indicator, it should be hard to exit, without noticing that it's on.


The round switch, next to it, controls the lamps under the porches of the Shed. Pressing that on the way out, as well as increasing the likelihood of spotting the neon indicator adjacent to it, holds those lights on for two minutes, courtesy of a sprung bellows that refills slowly via an adjustable valve. Two minutes is a reasonable time to get back to the house, with the possibility of a digression on the way.

Eventually, the cable ducting will all be changed in that area, to tidy it up a bit.


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A casual discussion about beeswax last night has resulted in a delivery of redundant honeycombs today.


It needs to be melted gently and I do need to sort out a means to remove the "bits" from it, but a trial run is under way.