Who gives a hoot about the Ashes?


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That's more like it, repel all boarders, show them a bit of steel, we have the buggers on the run now.


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The like of which...

Tainted, though, ain't it? One lost review + one bad lbw call = hmmmn, what?

Take this one result to keep it interesting, but there's only one real winner in this match already isn't there?



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Redemption a little bit.

Strange series with much disorder and many moments.

A draw seems actually apposite.

Brilliant win at the Oval, facilitated as it was by a wrong toss call...

There have been many ifs and buts, but it was closer than it appears if you look at the cold, hard figures - there was but one man that made a real difference.


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It was a good series, and nice to see a return to proper test cricket after a disappointing 2015 Ashes series. There were a lot of talking points, and one has to wonder how it would have gone had Archer played in the 1st test, Smith in the 3rd, and Anderson been fit for the whole series.


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The Beeb has released a cornucopia of delights in celebration of 40 years of View from the Boundary - they're wonderful interviews, wonderful, but you'll like them all the more if you like cricket.

@Lucy & @Thehooperman , if you haven't already, absolutely must listen to Gary Neville (2013) - it's golden.

Christopher Lee (1987) is fascinating - cricket in Hollywood?

Just finished Phil the Greek (also 1987) which is illuminating.

The John Cleese one is worth 20-odd minutes of anyone's time too.