Wolseley Wine Loft.


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As mentioned elsewhere by @Sir BoD

If you want something a little bit different, get yourself to Wolseley Wine Loft.


Not just wines...
Wolseley Wine Loft said:
Alongside a delectable range of red, white and rosé wines, the Wolseley Wine Loft is delighted to stock a strong selection of beers. You’ll find beers from local breweries including Stone’s Lymestone Brewery, Freedom Brewery in Abbotts Bromley, Stafford’s Slater’s Ales and Alton’s Peakstone Rock Brewery alongside some fantastic Continental beers like Brugge Zot, Blanche de Bruxelles, De Ryck triples from East Flanders, Millevertus and a Troubadour Blond from Gent to name a few as well as guest beers from around the world such as American and Japanese beers. What all our beers have in common, however, is that they have been carefully selected for flavour and variety.


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Wolseley Wine Loft said -

We’ve been burgled.

We are absolutely gutted to announce that on Tuesday night the wine loft was broken into and pretty much our entire stock of gin, spirits and Christmas gifts were taken.

We WILL NOT be beaten and will be open today, Friday, Saturday & Sunday as normal - we’ve still got wonderful wines & beers, plus will be taking orders for Christmas gin, whisky & other spirit gifts - we can get most in, even quirky ones, within the week!

Needless to say, we feel sick to the stomach about this, but would like to thank our loyal customers in advance for their support and for bearing with us while we get back on our feet. Bring on the Christmas rush!

P.S If you’re offered cheap gin on the ‘black market’ over the coming weeks, think of the hard-working independent businesses that the ‘human beings offering it to you are threatening to put out of business - refuse it and please, please report to the police (who have been informed).



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We love this shop at Wolseley Bridge and were there buying wine last Sunday.
I just really really vehemently despise theft in any shape or form.... what gives someone the right to take something that isn’t theirs?

I especially feel sorry for those that are working hard to build up a business only for low life thieving scum to go and help themselves.

I think that local businesses should be supported, let’s face it, they’re struggling enough already, so I hope that if people are able that they can pop in and buy a beer or some wine.