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Been a while, lost its charm tbh. Sedordle at least has the puzzle element still rather than blind guessing.

Wordle 286 5/6



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Anyone fancy a game of contexto? It's like wordle but a little different in that you don't guess it by shared letters but rather how thematically close the word is to the answer. So essentially it's "hot or cold" via a numerical value. It's pretty fun, until American spellings crop up at least.

I played contexto.me #162 and got it in 8 guesses.

🟩🟩 3
🟨 2
🟥🟥 3


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Given up on contexto now, I either seem to get it almost right away or not at all.

The other day I had "flight" and "plane" as within 40 of the answer so spent ages trying for aeronautical words and then the answer was "bus". o.o