Worst Christmas prezzie in the world


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OK - so we're not quite there yet. But I thought it might be good to set up somewhere to vent about all the really rubbish crimbo prezzies you have received.

More socks?
Given the Mrs a iron and been thrown out the house?
Amount of smellies received given you a complex about body odour?

Share your gift tales of woe here...


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theflamingred said:
More socks?
i always ask for socks and everyone thinks im joking!

i dont normally get crap presents.....although the freeze dried strawberries from the smithsonian museum are still in the kitchen cupboard.

ive not idea what to do with them- although im not actually in a rush....the best before date isnt until 2030!


Astro Boy

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A t-shirt with a wolf on it and a mysterious magical background that could be out of Never Ending Story. 3 years ago. When I said, "Oh, you shouldn't have." I really meant it!

Mrs M

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Not the worse pressie but my hubby bought me a flying lesson one year. Now I don't know about anyone else but the older I've got, the less of a daredevil I am. I returned it and bought a metal detector instead!!


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I once had an auntie who bought me a five-year diary for two years running.

Apart from that, I hate gift vouchers. Record and book tokens make sense, but your standard Woolworths and WH Smiths vouchers are a pain in the arse. What's the point in spending a fiver in real money for a pretend fiver you can only spend in one store? It's sheer lunacy...