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I was criticised this morning for watching aircraft videos on YouTube - and so I thought that I would start a thread on here as well, for those others of a like mind. YouTube is a great resource for these, and some people have put a lot of effort into producing some excellent montages of interesting aircraft.

This is a current favourite - just how many things from today are still going to look this futuristic in fifty year's time?

Spot the famous chappie in there?..


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I spent a large part of my youth with the Red Arrows whistling past my bedroom window, five days a week.


Very good Mr. Gramaisc, we make good progress today.


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You mentioned water bombing in the other thread G.

The guys who pilot these things are either total heros, or certifiable lunatics.

We have a place down in the Rhone Alpes region and unfortunatley I've seen these guys in action much too often, usually because some idiot thinks it's a good idea to have a BBQ in the middle of knowhere.

Was once driving down a side road along the bank of the Rhone just south of Valence, when one of these came out of nowhere alongside us to pick up water. Scared the living **** out of me!



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The Kamov 50 & 52 have ejector seats - you can see the explosive cord to shatter the canopy in this video of a 52 - the blades are released before you're squirted out, if all goes to plan...



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I found several video's of the "Mach Loop" in North Wales on the tube of You...

Tempted to head over and pitch up and enjoy the show