Embers Restaurant - formerly Hood Steakhouse.


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Be a man can a mystery man
Be a doll be a baby doll
It can't be fun not anyway
It can't be found no way at all
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He can't uphold his distant laws
Due to form on that today
I got a feeling then I hear this call

I said


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Comparable prices to the Tap Steakhouse on Peel Terrace and that seems busy enough.
Yes, they do look similar prices.
Without the car park usual for such a venue I doubted when it opened twenty months ago how well the Tap Steakhouse would do.


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Okay, I'm just not used to paying over £20 for a meal.
Lunch special for two at Gianni's in Cheltenham yesterday:
Lasagne, Tagliatelle with prawns & courgettes in a garlic cream sauce. 1 tiramisu. 2 drinks.
One of Mrs T's regular haunts almost 20 years ago until a tragedy struck which is a long story for elsewhere. We first went back a couple of months ago and they remembered her.
Now one of our favourite eateries when we're down there. Clean, friendly and well run.
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So go on then where are these amazing eateries that are such good value
I don't claim to know "amazing eateries that are such good value" but have already mentioned the Swan at Whiston.
Yes, I like the Bird in Hand's food just as I often had Terry's meals when he kept the Morris Man where now I think the Nepalese food is the best anywhere.

I've been to neither the Royal Oak nor Wildwood since they've been branded 'Sizzling' pubs but wouldn't 'knock' them, and I'm sure I'd find them much nicer than a burger 'restaurant' or, as I don't eat pizzas, a pizza chain.
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