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Since January 2021 we've created 942 new opportunities with your help!
-529 Laptops, chromebooks, macbooks
-293 Desktops, iMacs
-120 Tablets, iPads

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Due to some recent changes beyond our control, our volunteers are no longer able to offer day to day PAT testing services to us or the general public, and we'll be out-sourcing most of our own equipment testing in future.

Unfortunately this does mean we will now experience some delays in releasing equipment, and also added costs.

If you can help us mitigate the cost, we'd love to speak to you about sponsorship.

If you have any queries regarding portable appliance testing please direct them here:

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Today we delivered number 950, in the form of a desktop PC which has gone to CarePlus at Acton Gate.
It'll be deployed for communal use and will spend the rest of its existence changing dozens of lives.

#community #inclusion

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We need your help! (always)
As our exposure and reach accelerates, our demand does too, and thus, so do our needs and costs.

We're creating amazing new connections for a steady supply of equipment, which is great news for our applicants, but at the same time our tiny storage locker is getting full, we're using more and more consumables, stationery and repair parts, and as we set up new donation points out of our area (watch this space!) our fuel costs are creeping.

Plus, although we have accounted for 950 internet ready devices, our throughput also includes hundreds of uncounted monitors and speaker sets, and we now need to put money aside for the electrical testing of these in future, which we've had for free up to now.
Inevitably, as time goes on, overheads will only rise.

What started out as one man's hobby has rocketed to a credible, reputable, up-and-coming registered charity, far beyond original expectations, You can be a part of that journey if you appreciate what we do, but although endorsement and word of mouth are vital, we're starting to become strapped for cash, and we desperately need a bigger boat.

Will you give up a take-away a month and put your name to our project, to help us smash that first 1000, and go on to change lives far beyond that?

Our funding model is somewhat unconventional in that it's purely donation based and not grant funded, and we rely on monthly sponsorships for sustainable income, generously pledged by businesses and individuals who believe in what we do and are keen to boast a hand in the outcomes we're generating, opportunities we're creating, and lives we're changing.

It's minimal administration for everyone involved, and avoiding the delays and uncertainties of grant applications means we can put that money to use straight away, and without any pre-requisites on how we're allowed to use it.

We offer regular promotion through a share of our audience, and accounts updates so you can see how we're spending your pledge.

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Four laptops and an iPad, the fruits of this weekend's labours here at Free I.T. HQ.
Next week they will change another 5 lives.



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Here's an idea we'd like your thoughts on.

In our spares/parts/things/bits/bobs department, we've accumulated enough components, minus the case to put it all in, to build what we'd consider a "basic spec gaming PC".

(Thanks to everyone who's donated random motherboards, PSU's etc!)

For something a little different, and with that 'time of year' approaching, we're considering curving the norm for one occasion.

We'll use all the best spare bits and pieces we can find, buy a fancy case with coloured lights and all the jazz, put it all together, and create some type of "basic spec gaming PC" raffle. It wouldn't be a rocket ship using the latest fancy processor, but you'd be assured that it's been built and tested by Stafford's finest, and ready to switch on and use straight away on that vital morning.

Ticket prices are undecided yet, there'd need to be enough interest to at least pay for the case we'd have to buy, and we'd love the endorsement of those random parts donors, as 'selling' isn't something we'd usually do, however as these parts are currently surplus and we're not short, we figured why not have a purge, help a family out somewhere, and make enough on top to inject some cash into the other things that we are short of.

Would it be 'unethical' of us to do this as our name does imply "free".
Would it be a disappointment to our supporters who'd prefer we keep it "free"?
Or should we make this a one-off thing at this time every year, if we can?
Should we have "done this ages ago", or will the replies divide the nation?
Moral dilemma, or, "not a bad idea, that"?

Your opinions.......

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By the end of this week we're on track to pass 970.
By the end of this month we're on track to pass 990.
By the end of next month we'll have smashed 1000.
That's one for every day of our existence.
1000 lives changed.
1000 opportunities created.
We couldn't do any of this without you all


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Thanks so much to Artemis Minds at Doxey Church for sending us this snap of one of their service users making the most of their new gadget!

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We can't always fully publicise where our equipment ends up, as often it's as a result of a referral from an agency working with a particularly vulnerable family or individual, although we keep records of them all.
What we are allowed to do is give you a rough idea, with redactions.
Here's a sneak peek into two lives we're about to change.

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Will you give up a take-away a month to help us on our journey?
Set up your standing order today and we'll send you accounts updates so you can see how we're spending your pledge.
Business sponsors also benefit from a share of our online audience and a reach of thousands of eyes.



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Huge mark of respect goes out to the legends that are Dan of Clearly I.T Solutions and the lovely Debbie of Mrs I.T. Fix It
Both businesses have donated laptops to us this week which we can now reallocate back in to the community.
If you're an I.T. business and often find yourself in possession of the cast-offs when your customers upgrade, please consider our project before you resell


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We mended a thing!
Today's Repair Cafe threw up a wealth of obscure gadgets for our attention, but never mind all that interesting stuff.
In the most technical and long-winded way possible, we completely over-engineered a fix for this table lamp.
Another gadget saved from landfill.

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