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So can anyone recommend good compost for growing veg & flowers....we've been using John Inness peat free, Sainsbury's own type Pete free & Wickes (random broken bags) of peat free over the last few years , but have had very little results, with more things failing than growing. The compost doesn't seem as soil-ey as it used to, seems all dried up wood bark & coir stuff?

Is there anything anyone recommends?
We've been using New Horizon it's peat free and you can get it 3 bags £20 from Wickes. We've had fantastic results, I'm sure I showed you the tomato crop we had and the potatoes.


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I cleared out this bed and stuck in four of the Escallonias that I struck last year, taken from a hedge across the road, they should get going now - and I put back a few plausible things salvaged from the clearance. The slab covers the access to the inflow for the soakaway, so it might be useful to maintain that function, although it hasn't been needed in twenty five years.


I found this, which I've let grow on, to see what it is - any ideas?

Edit - It looks like it might be hoary alyssum, berteroa incana.


I also found the lawn darts, a weapon so horrifically effective and deadly that it is banned in the United States and Canada.


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