Happy Birthday!

The Notorious A.N.T.

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Plenty of deer about on the Chase too.


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She was a New Years Eve Baby ?? she couldn't hang on for another day then she'd always be a year younger .... or is it older ? 🤯

(Who needs mathematical problems at this time of the morning ?)

Anyway, Happy Birthday and New Year and stuff. 🥳🎂◄-- My cake. Smaller than @Gramaisc's but times are hard. 😜


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Happy Birthday @Glam

So was my daughter. Born in the workhouse - although it had long since changed into Cambridge Mill Road Maternity Hospital by the time she was born.
I was born in Fernleigh hospital on Marston rd , which was also a workhouse. Mum spent 36 hours in labour and said 'the residents' were mopping her brow with sponges....

Glad you had a good birthday @Glam . :)