Happy Birthday!


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I was born in Fernleigh hospital on Marston rd , which was also a workhouse. Mum spent 36 hours in labour and said 'the residents' were mopping her brow with sponges....

Glad you had a good birthday @Glam . :)
Happy belated birthday @Glam !!

Hope you had a fab day with lots of cat hugs too!
Thank you both xxxx
I get cat hugs, when he wants Cat hugs. He wanted a cuddle at half 4 this morning, got told where to go.


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Happy Birthday, @staffordjas



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Thanks folks :) Had a great weekend staying at sons house. Out for meal and drinks in Worcester last night :pint::pint::pint:, birthday carvery in Worcester this lunchtime, and then a visit to a working farm near there .

On my way to conquering my fear of cows , although the ones I was stroking and feeding were only 2 days to 2 months old. Made my day going to the farm and interacting with the animals :D

(Followed by a detour back home tonight via the M42 & Toll Rd , as a fatal accident this morning has closed the M6. But even that detour was enjoyable )

Birthday drinks at home later on with hubby :pint::pint::pint: