I Motion Vs Pure Gym


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Does anybody have any opinions on either of these gyms?
Before anyone tells me to get outdoors and do some exercise that way, I am a frequent mountain biker, motorcross racer, but I am just looking to improve my upper body fitness.


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Does anybody have any opinions on either of these gyms?
Before anyone tells me to get outdoors and do some exercise that way, I am a frequent mountain biker, motorcross racer, but I am just looking to improve my upper body fitness.

I went to check both of these out. I ended up joining Puregm but thought both where good. Only real reason is that they are still building I-motion inside and its not quite finished. Also the contract with Pure is £10.99 rolling so I'm not tied in. I will probably go and have another look at i-motion in a few months and may swap. I like the idea of 2 hours free parking in the Guildhall when you use it and the overall layout will be quite good!


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Thank you, I am planning on trialing both next week, The only thing that had concerned me about I Motion was being able to park at Christmas, but I guess that depends on what time I plan on visiting.
I used to have problems parking at Virgin, so I'm sure Pure Gym will be no better, but at least there is off road parking.


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Pure Gym is pretty decent and friendly as well. Spoke with Matt, one of the PT's to help kick start the battle of the bulge. Really great advice.

Wasn't too keen on iMotion due to its location from me.


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Before anyone tells me to get outdoors and do some exercise that way, I am a frequent mountain biker, motorcross racer, but I am just looking to improve my upper body fitness.

Carry your bike up a few hills :lol: Lose the front suspension forks. You'll soon get arm muscles.

Always found free weights are better than machines. £30 for a set.

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I've experienced very poor customer service with imotion.

I went in last week during my dinner break to inquire about the facilities. I had a 10 minute chat with a member of staff at the front desk, who took my number and booked a personal appointment for the next day, just so they could show me round the place and explain things in greater detail. I turned up the following day, but the staff member was busy with someone else.

I saw her clock me when I walked in but stayed a short distance away so as to give the lady she was talking to some privacy but still stay within her sight. Her conversation continued for another 10 minutes, during which time another member of staff asked me if I needed any help. I answered that I was waiting as I had an appointment with ******* but thanked him for asking.

After about 20 minutes, (she actually got up once and walked straight past me without even acknowledging me), the lady she was speaking to left, and she returned to her desk and started typing away on her computer. Being polite, I kept my distance as I thought she was adding the details of the conversation she'd just had and would be with me soon after.

As she continued to type, somebody else walked in and towards the desk at which point she looked up and asked if they needed any help. A very brief conversation ensued and she got up and muttered that she would see what she could do, and proceeded to walk off into the gym leaving me still standing.

By this time, it was getting on for 25 minutes that I had been hanging round, so I just upped sticks and went. Although she had taken my number, at no time did she ring me to see where I was. Very poor front of house service.


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I've recently joined Pure Gym, used to go to the SBC Leisure Centre.

Pros of Pure Gym - Cheap, staff seem friendly enough, changing rooms always clean, now the January rush has died down there's usually plenty of equipment.

Cons - It's a bit like if Easyjet did Gyms - the equipment is crammed in, you really get up close to other gym goers, it's always hot in there so I often find it harder to keep going, and it's really no frills (you need your own padlock for the lockers and the pin code system to get in can be irritating)

Honestly, I'd rather stay at the Leisure Centre, can't comment on it since the refurb but previously I liked it as the staff were brilliant, also got free training plans and you had a full health questionnaire to fill in when you joined and a full induction (and the staff actually read through this in detail once you've completed it - Pure Gym there is no formal induction process) the air con was always at a good temperature, you had TV screens in most equipment (if you hate the gym like me it really helps) and also if you forgot a towel they have that blue tissue stuff everywhere so you can wipe down equipment. It all sounds like minimal things but since joining Pure Gym I've noticed it makes the difference!

Sadly I moved to the other side of town so Pure Gym is much more convenient and at £11 a month it is perfectly reasonable. For a budget gym it does the job just fine.


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I'm toying with the idea of checking out Pure Gym, not at all interested in the town centre option.

I've only ever joined one gym in the past and that was Virgin Active. I'm not a gym bunny but I loved it though I fear it may have spoiled me somewhat. It's was extortionately expensive though. I've always been reluctant to sign up to anywhere without a pool but at £10.99 a month I could go to Stafford pool as well and it wont break the bank.


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The pool area is now the free weights enclosure for the hard core lifters....As I've said before, they've made good use of the building. Well worth at least checking out.


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Member of Puregym myself, downstairs is resistance and free weight equipment, how they've used the pool area and positioned other equipment is generally well laid out, could have been 'grouped' better, but everything has ample space.

I go around 10 or 11pm few times a week, generally it's quiet, never had an issue getting on the equipment I need, everyone seems to get along and thankfully just want to train not chat or take selfies - something I found a constant problem at SBC.

Cardio area upstairs is a bit more rammed in, I only tend to use bikes and rowers which are spaced slightly better than treadmills and cross trainers.

Things like lack of towels / blue tissue stuff is a minor annoyance, the 'code' entrance system whilst frustrating helps keep the running costs low and it's a no frills gym. Lack of staff and a very basic induction is odd with no training plan or support, but I don't mind this as I just get on and do the exercises I want to do.


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for me neither, cause neither have a pool lol. I will have hate for pure as they took virgin away. but i've heard good and bad about both of them, check them both out ask to have a trial session in there and see what you think. you could always go to cannock or nuffield health in cannock for the full works, gym / sauna steam, and pool and a Jacuzzi in nuffield