Never know unless you try!

John Marwood

I ♥ cryptic crosswords


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@AlecB I suggest you just get out more , go out for drinks, meet new people , chat up some women . Help gain more confidence with women . Practice makes perfect.


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I forgot to tell you about @John Marwood

Some people on here ignore him.
I personally find him too bizarre to ignore but too bonkers to take seriously.

Occasionally one gets the odd moment of clarity from him but these moments are rare.

If he was a member of your family you would probably have put him in a home by now.

I know where you are coming from..... But I quite look forward to reading @John Marwood posts he makes me feel incredibly sane and often gives me the odd chuckle !


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Yes I find John a bit bizarre and whacky....but I think you have to be on the forum for a while to "get him".

I just wanted to explain to Alec about John because as he very bravely came on to the forum with a pic and honest intentions, he may feel a bit bewildered.....

However if he has been lurking for years then he probably knows what he is letting himself in for!

I am just editing this to say that I have "liked" lots of Johns posts, so I think he knows that my comments are gentle teasing.
Not everyone "gets me" either!