Never know unless you try!


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I went to Sainsbury's tonight, I don't go there often, but I notice that they have a handy Pick Up Point.


There were two chicks hanging around by it - I thought of suggesting that they tried on here.


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I think the general rule is - Don't waste your money at the start - if it works, she'll be wasting your money for you, for years to come.
Ah but , if you don't impress on the first date you might not get a second chance.

Spoil a lady on the first date. And the second.

If she has class (or manners) she will then hopefully offer to cook for you at her home. Or some other treat.

Or am I, from a totally different generation?


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However, you never know unless you try right?

Hi Alec,

I was in your shoes a couple of months ago and also joined this forum hoping for the best.
Let me tell you in retrospect that "best" was an optimistic statement, to say the least.
Through common sense and common sense, I managed to find the girl I am currently seeing.

Stafford is a tricky town to make friends and meet girls. In my humble opinion, this forum is not the right place for even face to face interaction. That point was already cleared on a number of threads; Anonymity being the main reason...

Do you know people in Stafford to go out with? If you do not, you will need pals to hang around and be seen with.
A girl is never going to trust an incoming guy going out on his own. Also, not many usuals go out in Stafford consistently. Thus, making acquaintances is even harder.

Let me know whether you are interested in a night out and we could arrange something. I live in town so no trouble
for me to walk over. I am sympathetic to your singlehood because I was there not long ago. Let me know if I can help.
Swan, Post House and Casa are the best places to try and err.

Best of luck,

John Marwood

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Walsall Art Gallery
Any Waitrose store
Grand Theatre Wolverhampton
Birmingham library veranda
Always get a seat by the ladies in a bar or restaurant
A lot


single in the mingle
Hiya Alec,

Back to singlehood, but this time, it was her fault :D
So the dating game continues in Stafford, the town where love is never in the air.
I think a waitrose is being built in Uttoxeter?


single in the mingle
Obviously, would not take long for vultures to fly over in circles..
Very very deep inside, I also appreciate you all :P